How to fill up E-application form

1.Go to E-application section in the online services menu of and click on it.

2. Search your land as per your criteria and corresponding industrial area will be displayed in the industrial area combo along with their rates. After choosing industrial area fill the required area and in the payment detail section total area available in the Industrial Area and the Amount you have to deposit will be displayed as per your required area.

3. Select your preferences of plots; you can give any three preferences.

4. Click on payment details it would display the bifurcation of the payment details and its calculation.

5. You will be directed to OTP authentication of the person filling the form here u have to fill your name, mobile no and email address and click on generate OTP. Enter your OTP received in the message area of your mobile and proceed further.

6.Here is the general instruction and terms & conditions kindly read the whole section carefully after reading click on ‘Accept and Continue’.

7. Login Creation form will be displayed here details of the industrial area chosen will be displayed here kindly set the password for your login creation and further filling of application form. newly created user name and password will be sent to your registered email id.

8. Click on Entrepreneur login from online services menu for filling the rest form. you will be re directed to entrepreneur login form

9. As we login, a panel is displayed in which multiple option is given we select the fill application to fill the form.

10. On clicking on Fill Application form we get the form to fill it in steps , First we have to fill the applicant details then click on save and continue button to proceed further.

11. In second step we have to select the type of constitution of applicant after filling the values click on save and continue button to proceed further.

12. In third step we give the details of industry the applicant want to established then click on save and continue button to proceed further.

13. In forth step we give the proposed details then click on save and continue button to proceed further.

14.In fifth step we give the details of industrial effluents then click on save and continue button to proceed further.

15. In sixth step please give the details of power requirements of the proposed unit now this is the last step of form filling if each section is ok then click on finalize button to lock the application entry

16. After successful filling of form click on save & attach, the upload document panel is displayed where the applicant can upload the document.

17. Click on "Pay Online" in the main menu to make payment.

18. On clicking pay online we get the detail of payment and click on pay.

19. As we click on pay we get the payment description and click on continue to payment gateway.

20. Click on continue to payment gateway and avail the payment option provided by the chosen bank.